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Solo Championships is a joke

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I usually don't play single player anymore but decided to play it hoping for some quick coin grind.

The AI is ridiculous. Literally reacts to your button presses instantaneously. God tier reactions. If you don't press anything and just walk towards them they literally don't throw any strikes at you until you press something. They're beatable but it's so incredibly tedious and ridiculous. Not to mention you play against all the master tier fighters all the time. Grappling is definitely easier and they're dumb **** there but that's not fun either. I'd rather deal with all the spam in multiplayer than play this rigged garbage.


  • Yeah it's not the best. If you're looking for a good fight then you'll struggle but if you're looking for coin farming then throw lots of overhands but set them up from a jab.

    If you throw a jab from distance so it won't hit them and then combo into the overhand then half the time they drop their guard because you've jabbed and you get a free overhand. Same with spinning heel kick
  • mwlgd
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    Thanks man appreciate it :)
  • I use Holy Holm and each match lasts about a minute or less. The knockouts are way out of whack, might as well take advantage of that.
  • You need to cheese the ai with spin kicks and cartwheel kicks, ai sucks!
  • Single player mode got destroyed just so ppl wont enjoy grinding coins and maybe few of them willl spend rl cash for packs. Dirty tactics but its normal by this company. Whole world heard about 40$ for Lord Vader in Star Wars game ;)
  • You'll get to a certain point in solo where stand up fights become alot harder because of the point mentioned above regarding the AI's godlike reactions.
    To counter that, the AI is dog at blocking subs. You are welcome :smile:
  • In div 8 the ai can be ovwrwhelming to start the round, and will throw multiple 3 strike combos with no stamima in the later rounds....its insane.
    But it helps me get better. I try to have a strike % of 50 or better and let the ai throw strikes at air.
    This helps me become more efficient and forces me to learn to go to the body.
    But i always chalk the ai abilities up to ea's DDA. Its what ea uses to keep players from getting bored, which should not be there concern. Its more in game manipulation by EA.
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