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Player ratings don't matter

What is the point to building a team if the ratings are irrelevant. How does a 78 out skate a 92 w burner active? It seems like in competitive season team and player ratings don't matter as they all play the same. So instead of playing hockey its who can hold x and spin around the longest. Why build a team if after putting the effort in a team of 78's can skate around and handle the puck just as well as a 99 Gretzky. It doesn't make sense. Are player ratings off for competitive season? How can a junior player skate around and handle the puck just as well and sometimes better than an elite nhl player? It allows for no one to play hockey, instead they just hold x and spin around for the glitch goal. I can play that game too but I would rather play hockey.


  • Lol a lot of people beat the glitche goal I just try to box them out and make them take shots from the sides and points. But I get what your saying there are those players that all game just look for that glitche goal. And no matter how hard you try to keep them from getting it they still do.
  • The bigger point is that ratings don't matter in hut particularly in competitive season. A 78 plays the same as a 92, what's the point of making your team better if they just keep everybody even which seems to be the case. I do well, it's just ridiculous that there is virtually no difference based on ratings.
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    The bigger point is that ratings don't matter in hut particularly in competitive season. A 78 plays the same as a 92, what's the point of making your team better if they just keep everybody even which seems to be the case. I do well, it's just ridiculous that there is virtually no difference based on ratings.

    Tell that to the guy I just beat 7-0 with toa 10 min for me - 2 min. His team of silvers rares, gold and gold rares highest was 83 then he had 90 naslund. He could not keep up, couldn’t hit the net. My team 96 ovr lowest rated player 89 Coffey highest 97 Crosby, so I don’t think anyone could claim “ice tilt”.
    Ratings do matter, not saying skill doesn’t matter a good player with a mediocre team will beat a bad player with a stacked team every time. A stacked team just makes it easier to do what you want to do on the ice.
  • My 85 hall does not skate as fast as my 90 Forsberg. Ratings do matter, but what matters more is the person holding the controller.
  • I've played a few players that play with no one higher then an 85 and they keep up with me no problem and my lowest is 90 horton. they have decent records of a win percentage around .750, over 150ish games. theyre doing something right if they're able to have that success.
  • This is my first year in hut and I started late (late November). I had always played eashl. I remember playing against stacked teams of free legends while my team was all gold base cards with some loan cards. My team could not keep up. I’d basically get dominated and have to capitalize on the chances I got. I did make it to div 1 with no legends but it was tough. Now that I have a few free legends from monthly collectibles and grinding, I’ve noticed my team overpowering those gold base teams for the most part, especially physically. The speed is sometimes suspect, as I get caught by lower base cards but I feel every other aspect is dominated by my higher rated cards. My team isn’t as stacked as most (91 ovr) but I now win a majority of my games against those teams of 95-99 and it’s definitely more competitive. I get messages from people because I beat these high rated teams saying I got lucky or “ice tilt” but it all comes down to the person actually playing the game. I’m not an elite player but I know what I’m doing out there. The people complaining and sending me messages are mostly ones that just throw pucks on net and expect it to go in. Occasionally the bitter ones in top 100, but it’s rare. If a gold base team is keeping up and beating your higher rated team, it’s probably because they’re the better player.
  • Nice post @dirtydallas86 you took the words from my mouth (and from many other posts on here) thank you.
  • did the OP factor in the Endurance of their 92 and how long it had been on the ice? or their balance and acceleration? was one already moving forward and the other coming from a stop or change in direction?

    higher rating do matter and synergies help those ratings but if your player has been on the ice for 25 seconds and taken a check or 2 your guy is getting tired and is no longer a 92.
  • I couldn't agree more. I was coming to post about this. Competitive Seasons I really notice it. I have a fairly good team and I've been playing for years. Ive played against teams with nothing but bronze and silver players and all game skating faster than me and getting ridiculous goals. Funny if I played this type of team offline I would win 20-0. I'm sure it's just a coincidence 🙄😳
  • monz
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    Ratings matter to me.
  • The problem I have with playing lower rated teams is that those are the games that seem to have better speed, more aggressive AI, and hitting. The problem with speed difference is giving up a a break for the cross crease. If your 99 speed D that just hopped on the ice gets blown past you have a hard time stopping the cross crease. If you are used to playing a style and system and the AI defense plays differently it definitely changes the game flow. It’s not just that the AI clogs lanes the shadowing every move double and triple teams it allows a decent human controlled player to float. And on offense when your AI pauses to take a selfie with the puck vs getting it it changes the flow allows breakaways etc. The other difference I see is hits those teams seem to be able to skate right beside you the just apply a check to have your player collapse to the ice. You can skate from your blue line and square up their player and he doesn’t budge, if you do separate them from the puck they have an AI player follow behind and get the puck. Maybe it’s those games I am playing against top tier players. I can say the games I play against teams with similar overalls the flow of the game is much smoother. I can say since my team has moved from 94 to 95 overall while they may be 1 goal games I have been able to come out on top.
  • Or the person using a lower rated team knows he has to play more aggressive or play better defense because he is going against a 95+ team.
  • TreborMalkin
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    You don’t know that until you either pause or in between periods. You can see they have Burns on D for example but you don’t know if it’s base gold or a special version. Some teams I have played you don’t know Horton is on the team until the third D line hits the ice.
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  • I can usually tell right away based on the speed, puck control and hitting ability on whether or not it's a base card or not. No need to check the team, they higher rated cards play better.
  • TreborMalkin
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    I guess it’s 50/50 or 80/20 for other players experiencing this maybe it’s connection speed or just the way I hold the controller but my gartner with 99 speed with burner and speedster active gets caught or blown past by base cards with lower speed all the time. I play 6-10 online games per day I have seen the differences my AI plays and team overall flows from game to game. There are a lot of things in this game that aren’t in the tutorials that you have to pick up through play or experience. I still can’t figure out how to lift the puck out of the zone on the pk. I’m still trying to figure out how to be behind a player on a break and completely slow them down if I hit x or triangle I pick up penalties, but I have had my guys darn near come to a complete stop with d behind me.
    I have dz as an active synergy and there are games my team seems to be playing with a super ball and not a puck.

    I can live with a user player lifting or poking but it’s frustrating when their AI does it consistently. For example outlet passes to a wing space between my guy and defender AI defender reaches with the stick and takes the puck. Same thing other way my AI reaches and then has odd man rush above his head.

    There are things that separate good/great players from average players like me I can live with those. But when you burn the user controlled player and have their AI bail them out it’s frustrating when it doesn’t happen with your AI, and your guys seem afraid of the puck.

    I played a game last night, same shots or area on ice for shots as the previous. 3 goals on 7 shots game before 1 on 32. maybe I hit the stick a tenth of a second different or a fraction more to one side or the other, but it is frustrating how different and lack of consistency from game to game.

    I have never claimed to be a top tier player I think those of us that complain of tilt or gold cards are better etc are complaining about the inconsistency the team skates and plays from game to game.

    The only other inconsistency I have seen like this is when you change the game difficulty shots on rookie have different results than on superstar, puck control, speed are also very different. Faceoffs are different I have won faceoffs back to my d and have been picked by AI that’s right on top of me, Other games with a lower difficulty same faceoffs win can skate unhindered to the goal. This happens in division play and in cs.

    If you have a player with 99 speed with bu and s active, on his first shift get a break off puck drop he shouldn’t be tracked down by a slower speed player, same speed or close I can understand but not a 90 vs 99. Unless the 99 with burner +3 and speedster +2 is still 99 and a 94 with both is now an equal 99. If that’s the case it’s smarter to build a team with higher ratings in things your synergies cant boost vs those that are maxed out. In other words if you have bu and s active pick the player with 97 speed vs the 99 and go for a player with a higher endurance or accuracy. In those cases it would make sense higher rated cards are better since there is a cap on ratings you could set synergies to max out your cards.
  • If you have a player with 99 accel, agility and speed BU and S are pointless. Ratings do not go higher than 99.
  • Change my team to 89 overall added a bronze goalie and a couple gold base players and go 2-1 in the qualifier both wins vs Horton and Sawchuk a combo I haven’t beat before 1 loss was vs a gold base with a few silver Horton and stassny and sakic and a bronze goalie.

    I must be holding the controller right tonight. Well at least for 2 games.
  • I’m ranked 8840 playing d3 I got to play.

    This was a fair matchup.



  • Can't really see what you were playing there TM - was it Div 3 or CS or HUT Champs qualifying?
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    The gold card making handicap to opponent for 100%... Tested,.. Do not ask me for proof, you proof revers... The own calls best players, are just glitchers or offens zóne never ending rotting boring game bad plays players... No point play without funn..
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