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Nhl world gaming championship

So do you have to use your hut team to qualify for this tournament?? I play mainly online versus and it kinda sucks that I won’t be able to put a effort into qualifying because I have a starter pack team and have to play against guys with 99 ovr players


  • Tournament is for HUT team only.
  • Hey!

    Just questioning how can this NHL 19 even be considered as E-sports? At first stage you play with your own hut team and it's turned completly to pay to win. People are buying hut coins online, especially in some facebook groups to make their team better fast. People are spending money to upgrade their teams in HUT aswell to be able to compete. But this is all that you aim for right?

    Never heard of tournament, which is seriously taken, where you can increase your chances to win by spending money. This is a big joke. Only mode in NHL which you can even consider to be E-sports someday is 6s, which you have ruined aswell by not being able to keep it playable, for example dressing room errors. So that mode is also light years away from E-sports.

    Have fun EA sports with scamming your loyal customers legally. Been playing NHL series since NHL 2000, sad to see where it is going.
  • And one more question. How can I play in this tournament, what do you offer for me? I bought that 100 euros worth version of NHL 19 to be able to play the game 3 days earlier, as I have been big fan of the series. I play only eashl and online versus. Do
    I need to spend another 500 euros to make competitive team in HUT or do you expect me to go play against stacked teams with gretzky and other fellas with re-created silver team loan overall 80 Thornton centering it?
  • Hockey is a team sport. The only tournament that has any merit would be EASHL.
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