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St Patrick's Day Packs

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Are these worth buying? How common are the clover leafs? I have some coins saved up and wondering if they're worth getting. Thanks!


  • WaterIAm
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    edited March 2019
    Idk.....im getting
    something like 1 or 2 outta 10 pks....maybe...at the most.
  • Unless you've got a lot of gold or want to spend irl money then I wouldn't bother personally
  • Are there any other ways of getting GOLD CAF Items that don't require daily tokens which are like gold dust?
  • LordG730
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    Ok I've been grinding on these saving up ect. Today I had 12 hours left to get a 4 star kick move. I already got a celtic cross. Worse case scenario I would just buy a few packs at the end to complete what ever I needed. The problem is they stopped selling the packs!!! Now I've put countless hours into nothing wasted my points & time because I have 12 hours left, but no ability to buy or earn any more packs! This has happened to me a couple times now and makes no sense to do. If we wanted to even spend money now EA can't get it because they simply stopped selling the packs 12 hours before the thing is over.
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