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UT is a takedown spammer cheezefest

Why are takedowns pretty much impossible to defend? And what does TDD stand for because it doesn’t stop takedowns any better when it’s 100 or 65.

The cheese is real and your game is pretty broken and all they do in UT is spam takedowns and 2 window subs relentlessly without enough ways to make them pay for their sloppy not even remotely setup grappling spam garbage.

Please please redesign the grappling in UFC 4 because
this is quite literally the most cheezed out exploit riddled game I’ve ever played in my life.


  • And how about instead of deleting threads and banning people who are trying to make the game better how about you listen and fix the thing.

    EA’s reputation is going down the toilet in recent years because of this stuff, this isn’t the same company that it used to be. I’m a big EA fan and buy a lot of your games but now it’s more about micro transactions and ripping people off with loot crates than making a great game for the love of it.

    I want EA to be the Kings that they used to be, you made the best sports sims but this feels like a cross between rock em sock em robots and Mortal Kombat, the animations are gorgeous but the gameplay is just all wrong and not remotely realistic to how a real mma sim should work. EA MMA was a great game but the animations were extremely clunky but I loved it because it was balanced, this is a spamming exploiter’s dream come true.

    Make EA great again!
  • I’m waiting until the reviews come out before I buy the next one, they were bad when this one came out for good reason and don’t get me wrong I play this game a lot but the problems are just horrible and should’ve been ironed out by now that we’re on the third game.

    It’s more solid than THQ’s UFC but you could tell that they certainly loved the sport and tried to make the best thing they could’ve at the time.

    Had THQ had good online servers and a better health system then UFC Undisputed 3 a last gen game would be head and shoulders better than EA UFC 3 in playability, realism, content, community etc etc.

    UFC 3 usually only has a few thousand people online at any given time, doesn’t that say it all about this game???

    Come on EA we deserve a real legit cheezeless mma simulation.

    Value your customers and do what’s right.
  • You have input command fails happening when you throw strikes, like it cancels strikes often on it’s own since it seems like the last patch, you have the cage push takedown working like Raiden’s flying wall push in Mortal Kombat from 3/4 across the octagon and often putting you against an invisible wall like 5 feet away from the actual fence, that one is just incredibly bad and then there aren’t even close to enough ways to stuff it or other takedown attempts but especially the wall push, irl you see the wall push usually out of desperation when a guy is getting lit up and it almost always gets shaken off easily by either circling off to the left or right, reversing it with the forward momentum into judo or hip tosses and or brutal monster knees to the guts, or you see big elbows a la Travis Browne when a guy is clinging to the hips but in the game you can only transition to over under or try a guillotine or kimura.

    And then there is the WWE Bill Goldberg spear that should never be possible to land after you work to drop a guy and they get up while your stamina is recovering, you don’t see the WWF spear in real fights and you certainly don’t see guys standing up after being dropped and blasting lightening quick unstoppable takedowns after getting dropped either, it’s one of the most unrealistic dumpster fire cheese moves in the game.

    No scrambles, you have to break down the block bar then throw an overhand or spin kick to score a knockdown, head movement is wonked out. I could go on for days, EA needs some real in house mma experts to tell them what’s legit and what trash in the development stages of these games because it’s very clear that they don’t really understand this sport.
  • Teep kicks, spinning and side kicks to the guts launch you across the octagon as if you’re fighting on the moon. Side stepping looks like you’re on ice, lol like come on guys the game is so unrealistic and cheezy. It could be great with some nerfs.
  • It’s hard to believe this is the same company that made the Fight Night series, sure those games weren’t perfect but they were waaaaaaaay better than the UFC series.

  • reminder, this is an MMA game not kickboxing. TD's are reliant on GA manipulation, walking back with your block up, will instantly give up GA which effectively makes you easier to takedown. I use headmovement to make people miss, to gain GA then shoot a TD.
  • td spam happens because grappler and ground and pound are op on ufc 3 and ufc 2.

    Standup imo is a mess. Cant wait to see how they make ground worse in ufc 4
  • I think its not that bad. If you really denied the transitions timedly, and you have decent tdd (70+) they must have td at like 95 or higher. In fact, they can take you down easily, but their ground stats are lower than yours since they focused on getting td stats. Dunno if it makes sense what I just said but I hope it does. :D
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