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Any of the top goalies worth it?

Goalies have been hit/miss for me this year, I guess every year...

I find you can only ride them for so long regardless as to how good they can play for you.

What are your thoughts?


  • The only goalie I've used that has been the most consistent is the 86ovr Alumni Guy Hebert. I pulled the 89ovr ASG Dubnyk out of re-roll pack, and he was really good at first, but then he started getting lit up like a gasoline soaked bonfire.

    I've only been playing HUT off and on since NHL 13, and you'd think that by now, EA would figure out how to make goalies matter. I guess there is always next year.
  • 89 dubnyk has been great for me hardest goalie to score on is bishops top card for me
  • TreborMalkin
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    Price base gold kills me. Halloween hextal is also hard to score on.
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  • I base gold goalies are only good for a handful of games until they start getting torched.

    It's funny how many say : this goalie was great at first, but now is trash, yet supposedly there's no fatigue modifier in the game??

    I love how my starter is getting torched, but I can't swap out my goalie still!!! This is a fundamental part of a hockey sim, they still can't get it right?

    Well I guess I'll just buy another pack.
  • Any bronze goalie with height of 6’4 or taller play just like the 95,96 99 rated.
    Build your O and D don’t waste coin on the goalie
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Spent a ton of coin to upgrade Billy Smith and is not much better than his lower cards, I like 88 Kelly Hurdey
  • Jetset95
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    No goalie is infallible and so very depends on your defence to block lanes, cover one-timers and not give up two on one rushes but the larger ones cover more space and the higher rated ones can move a few frames faster to make that wonder save.
  • tunsbe
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    I have 95 Bishop and he is best goalie what i have used.
    I build team with synergies and Bishops synergies just are good for me. Another option is 97 Roy but he's so expensive.
    There would be 99 Bishop out today when CTotY is published.
    I guess he has 2BU 2TB 1FB 1T, if not i can go with that 95ovr.
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