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How is DTOTY decided?

I'm just curious how defensive team of the year players are chosen. Personally I think that one of the biggest factors that go in to deciding if a player is sound defensively is to look at their Plus/Minus. I just think it's kind of a joke when you look at the DTOTY players and see someone who is -18 getting a DTOTY (kopitar). Kyle Connor got one and he is literally last on the Jets in +/- at -7.


  • Plus/minus is a poor indicator of defensive play. Both of those guys will get Selke votes. Plus, I have a Connor Evo card.
  • I disagree, goal differential is a huge indicator of good defensive play. He won it last year and he was +21. He took a huge step back. And I'm sure he will get a couple votes just because he won it last year (there are 3500+ votes lol). I had the connor evo too, sold it real quick. Doesn't change the fact that I dont think he should of gotten one, out of all the players on a great team... its Kyle Connor that is chosen....smh
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    It's almost as bad as William Nylander getting a TOTY. I know that one was selected by the community but this guy was a giant loser holding out like a little baby, he gets paid and comes back to the tune of less than a half a point a game (26 points in 53 games). The dude is just a puke inside and out and he gets voted to have a TOTY.... give me a break...
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