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Looking to play 6s

We are looking for some decent people to play 6's with. We are currently recruiting RD / C / LW , but would be open to bringing on another goalie as well. Going to try get games in nightly between 8-11 pacific time. We are not looking for one man danglers, but rather people that like to play as a team. Gamer tag is same as here, send me a message and we will get some games in.


  • Still looking for a couple more good guys to fill out our team. Prefer mature people that don't mind talking on their mic. Leave a message here, or send me a message on Xbox live, gamer tag is same as tag on here.
  • hey....interested in playing with you guys. I play D kind of exclusively. Two-way setup but pinch rarely and concentrate on D first. I'm a lefty but can play both LD and RD. I play positionally and don't go for big hits. I've played ice hockey my entire life so I play the video game the same way. I would love to play with a good D partner and some forwards that know where to be in the d zone. That would be a breath of fresh air. If I see another RW teammate crashing into me in the LD corner, I'm gonna lose my mind. GT is ViciousWolvie
  • FindowsXP
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    I've been playing D only since 17, Right handed shot.. Looking for a D partner.

    GT: Blood Season
  • Hey guys, thanks for the reply. Will hit you up tonight and get some games going.
  • We are now mainly looking for a RD and Lw/c, we are a laid back older group for the most part, just looking to try run 6's on a regular basis. Not looking for superstars, just team players who are looking for a fun, but competitive team to play with. We are on nightly , send me a message on here or Xbox live.
  • Still looking for a couple more people, if your looking for a laid back club, with mostly older 25+ players, send me a message on here or Xbox live, gamer tag is same as on here.
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