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Ragging the puck



  • 3s has ALWAYS been a rag fast. it's not real hockey. you only have 6 people skating on this massive ice rink. In real life you could do the same thing. if you were good and that was your goal you could just play keep away the entire game. Which is why they don't do it. Just way too much open space.

    another thing that adds to ragging the puck is the stupid 3s penalty system. You take a penalty its an automatic pen shot (automatic goal if you are good). It should instead turn into 4v3 adding an AI player.

    my small amount of experience in 3s is that many players rag the puck regardless of score until they fall behind by a couple of goals. then they usually quit.

    Never mind the penalty shots (which should be a thing considering it’s a goal every time) but why is there no boarding or charging calls in 3s? You can board to player to easily take them out of the play and for just an easy goal. The mode takes little to no skill. It’s just a giant exploit mode in which the same move goes in every time. It’s terrible when you don’t got a full team on and want to play hockey with your friends and the only mode is the cheese exploit fest known as EASHL 3s is a huge turnoff
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