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So i get into a hut game and this is my connect stats. After the 1st period Im on the phone to my isp and am tracking net traffic on my router..................no traffic except for the cpu and xbox, and my isp is telling me they see no blips in the connect. So EA ....... what type of issue can this be ??


  • Before I got fibre optic 300 internet my ping used to look like that unless I disconnected everything except my Xbox, just plug your Xbox directly into your modem, that used to help me get a more stable connection most but not all the time. Now my kids can be streaming Netflix and my connection is still good.
  • My nat is open I get a green connection. I am hardwired and have a 300Mbps connection.

    Then the ping goes all crazy during the match.

    The servers are really not reliable as of late.
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