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End game stats are broken


Lately, I have noticed the end game stats are broken. Sometimes it will show you have 0 points or an incorrect number of G and A. The stats displayed under three stars is correct though. I have experienced this in EASHL and I don't know if it is the case in the other modes as I do not play them. Please fix.


  • its been like that since release. just one of the many bugs. i noticed it in beta and made comments in threads here.
  • I remember the bug where goals and assists weren't adding up to the right points. Literally addition, and something that needed to be addressed.
  • i mean this is just one of many bugs that happen at the end of a game that have been there since launch. If they haven't fixed it by now they aren't going to.
  • BassMan_PC
    357 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    I never really noticed it before. It is happening frequently now though and caught my attention. Sad that this hasn't been fixed.
  • yeah it seems to happen in bunches. just like how games will end and will skip it all together and not even count. or how sometimes you win and lose CR.
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