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  • xPDogg65x
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    SturmWolfe wrote: »
    Unscreened one timers constantly go in..never happens on nhl goalies when they can see the shot


    Obviously you don't watch much hockey at all. The one timer is practically the best used way to score in hockey. Period.

    Good laugh.

    It may be true goalies have a better chance at saving a one timer when they can see the puck. However, when it's drilled at over 90Mph+. VERY rarely a goalie is going to save those.

    LOL the one timer at the blueline from point to point and the guy who's shooting is fading so far away he's almost outside the blueline by the time he shoots the puck but it goes in still, so you're telling me when you watch hockey you watch this one timer goal at the point go in 9/10 times every time, yeah right good luck with that, if that was the case in NHL games the score would be like 20-30 goals a game for each team.

    And if your saying 9 out of 10 d to d one timers are being scored against you in a game I call Bull crap.
  • Socair
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    I’m closing this thread down. There’s been too much baiting (some of which was removed) and it isn’t going to lead to any more solid discussion being so broad and open to sarcasm.
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