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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

Check out our January 30th patch details here.

NHL Roster Update - April 17th

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edited April 2019
Hey everyone, a new roster update is live in game for you to download. This update features rating changes, player debuts, and more!

You can find all of the changes in the attached spreadsheet.

This will be the final roster update of NHL 19.

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  • Yo EA you guys heard of Jack Hughes ?
  • Yo EA you guys heard of Jack Hughes ?

    hes in college so they dont have the rights to add him
  • Froommey
    758 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    Dissapointing update like allways. The whole year since release no adding of the much missing player profile pics. No new player likenesses. Especially the new players created with less love and without close similar looking from generic possibility. Sorry EA, for such quick made Roster updates which you did the whole year, no offline player need them.
  • I have to agree with Froommey. Would also appreciate to see more player likeness and profile pictures in this franchise.
  • @EA: you added Dante Fabbro to the roster. Would have been nice if you added him also to Team Canada in Spengler Cup where he played a good tournament as no. 8 jersey number. So, obviously too late as it was the last roster update. Or any hope?
  • You forgot Vancouver Defenseman Quinn Hughes. Finished with NCAA, currently under contract. played a few games at the end of the year.
  • Where's the Sabres goal song?
  • psalms84
    1 posts New member
    84 binnington lol
  • Where are vitali kratsov, Adam fox, and shestorkin? All players who have signed their entry level contracts.. will there be another roster update to add these players? This was the whole reason I bought NHL 20
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