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Is Nhl 19 horrible noob friendly

I just came back to nhl from 17 just to see not much really have change at all

Buy great cards, lick the boards and force cross crease all day long because eventually they will go in even if it should be pretty darn obvious for the goalie what a players wants to do, how can someone send a puck from from boards to the other side of the post without the goalie reacts so many times

There are a few things that I like though such as the alumni cards, finally being able to set overall on players we search for in auction house and being able to score from more than specific "cheese angles" and have to use lw with right sticks and rw with left sticks for one-timers

Is hockey not about team play opening up the defense with dekes and passes rather than just solo skating in and slap / wrist it at the circle or force cross crease?

If there are things I still don't like about this game is that holding while protecting the puck is to powerful, encouraging people to spin around in the corner and force cross creases even more as if it wasnt enough already. When I want to change tactics and lines between the face offs the menys is constantly disappering. Also why is it 60% of the times I want to rock someone in defensive zone he manage to cross crease and score on me?

I am not a big fan of the synergies either, why do I get penalized for wanting to play with specific players I enjoy?
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