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BAP is soooo bad

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"We added new traits" Yeah cool. Kind of nice. But everything else is GARBAGE.

The AI Is at an all time stupid level. Like, they're dumping the puck on odd man rushes. Who the hell dumps the puck on an odd man rush. The defense just doesn't see my forward at the blue line and insist on skating the puck up, they'll pass the puck across the crease when I'm open up the boards, and to top it all off EVERYTHING IS A PENALTY. The poke check is still broken from when you guys "fixed it" for online mode. That's cool, but every time you use it in offline mode it goes straight for the feet of the opposing players. And you can't even hold it like a "skill" stick because it starts out stretched all the way out, at the feet of the opposing player. And since players in this game have NO ankles they "trip" every time.

How about changing L1 so that it just lets you control your stick? Crazy concept? Instead of having it extend the stick, let us to that by pressing forward, and let us pull the stick in tight by pulling back, since you have NO WAY to battle for the puck up close.
In GM Mode I just forgo using the poke check. At all. Just stick lift. Oh, well lookie here. In BAP the stick lift gets you a slashing penalty 90% of the time. Yay this is fun. That's okay, they fixed hitting so I'll be able to hit stuff. Nope. Charging everytime. Don't care that you stopped forward motion on the skating stick.

And the ONLY way to get any real increase in Teamplay, is by hitting. Hmmm. Cool.

Seriously. This game has become awful for offline play. Get it together.

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