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Sim difficulty

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Does the difficulty have any impact on the results in simming?

And are player performances impacting a players growth? I.e if i play on rookie and score 200goals a season with a player, will he grow faster?


  • I see alit of posts here about franchise sim modes and sliders. Weird if no one knows the answer to this..
  • Growth is made up of 2 factors, Natural and Statistical growth. Natural is common for younger players getting better in their areas. Statistical however is seen in players having good seasons. This means any player can benefit with overall growth from a good season, no matter how old. Example, I had a 81 Kari Lehtonen at 38 years old play in net for a season for my wildcard team. We surpassed our goals that season, and he played outstanding with his new squad. Next season, He was a 39 year old 89 overall elite goaltender and helped the team get one more playoff appearance before my younger goaltender took over after a great debut.

    As for the difficulty slider, I don't believe it affects the sim difficulty. Although it seems very random at times, I think there are a few factors Ive seen but Lines. I have had a team looking like a .500 team and switched a few lines and powerplay lines and turned around and clinch a 2 seed or something. You just gotta fiddle with lines sometimes and see who's producing.
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    Thanks for the answer!
    I’ve created a team, traded for picks and hoped for a bad place in the league with a team full of 75-79ovr. They won lots and got the 12 pick. Dont see how they did that.. Thats why i wondered if the difficult slider had any impact. Any experince with young guns playing on line with veterans, if that helps at all, or if they could play on an all young line and grow just as fast?
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