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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Attention Competitive PS4 EASHL Players

Hello, if you are a competitive EASHL player and are looking to play 6's with people who strictly want to win and form and play as a team to become one of the top club's. I am looking to recruit all positions to become the best team possible. If you are interested in playing for this team message on PS4 - AndreQC-

Also, I can make a East Coast and West Coast team if we get enough players to compete on both severs efficiently.

I will be making a new club to see how good this team will do from a 0-0-0 record.



  • acidreflux714. I'm a fine defensive center
  • Solid forward player. Any position but preferred up but always down to move around in position when playing a bunch of games. Share the wealth. Team player first. Rather a win than points
    Hit me up
  • I play RW hit me up!

  • Can play any positions - add me up

  • PSN name is Aaron0467 I play LW
  • Been playing since '93. Left hand shot RW, shifty playmaker in overload offense and hard on back check. Pass first and ask questions later. Or LD with solid two way game. Just about to get started on my journey. Dr_Jon_Science on Ps4. See you on the ice, I hope.
  • My Psn is rudymac I’m a good all around player that knows the game of hockey really well my best is when I’m RW if you need a back up goalie I’m there too
  • phil_anthony
    4 posts Member
    edited February 13
    I play D. I like to chill and have fun. I mainly hang back and stay up on the point. I try really hard not to let play get behind me and I take pleasure in laying the smackdown on forwards My PSN ID is: Baldy_Onenut.
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