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Tilt & dynamic difficulty = garbage game play

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So despite the tuner changes, this issue is still prevelant in versus. After playing 500 + games online. I can see this when it starts a few different ways

1. Some of you controls becomes less effective from the start of a game, or at some point during. Be it still lift suddenly is too short to steal a puck, or theres a slight delay on you hit or shot control. The biggest is when all of your controls has "lag".

2. This one is easy to see. When nearly all puck bounces or deflections off player sticks or skates, will stop dead or bounce in the attacking players direction. Its the games where you hit the opposing team and they get up and regain the puck, or theres a scrum and the puck suddenly shoots out to the opposing teams direction. Also see when the opposing team stick lifts you and suddenly that causes the puck to move backwards.

3. Last is when your goalie suddenly gives up huge rebounds or simply moves too slow to stop anything. Sure a goalie can have a bad game or allow a few bad goals, but you usually see this after getting a few wins online.

4. The game changes your offensive and defensive strategies withou you knowing. This will be seen when you exit a game and they are suddenly different then what you had set during the previous game.

EA this is unacceptable. Real hockey doesnt have one team have every bounce go in the same direction. Even if it was random, it would go in the direction of both teams more evenly then it does in this game. It suggests that this is being manipulated by the ea servers dynamic difficulty. Or that random old hockey feel events are weighted.


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