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NHL 20 Content Update October 25th

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Nhl 20 pre-build

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Fired up Nhl 19 tonight for the first time in a little over a week. To my surprise i was met with a much improvered game experience. :) Gameplay felt so much better, passing is important again (was able to set up some beauty bang bang and tic tac toe goals) physicality felt much more realistic, shot power and rebound control feel much more authentic. But most of all the ability to change speeds and use agility are so much better (dekeing is op though) reminds me of how the beta felt, with improvements. If this is the starting point for Nhl 20 i can't wait to play it.


  • Tonysl79
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    Hopefully they’ve taken all the feedback from players all year and will try to implement real changes into nhl 20 instead of reproducing, with little imagination, another ho-hum version of the same game.
  • MastaDamage
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    NHL 20 could be the last NHL on XB1/PS4 with the 2 new systems coming out late 2020.
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