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EASHL AI : Chaos behind the net

I've been playing with AI in EASHL more this year than in the past, and wow, there are some areas the AI really needs to handle better. Some problems have existed for years and some seem to be relatively new. This thread is about how the AI handles ( or more accurately doesn't handle ) the puck behind their own net. This is a problem that's been around for years but never seems to get properly addressed.

The usual caveats:
  1. Yes. Playing without any AI is the ideal way to play. But the AI exist, and I'd wager there are far more games played with AI than without. Saying "just play without the AI" doesn't really address the problems the AI have.
  2. I come from the position that the AI should make reasonable hockey plays and have reasonable hockey awareness. They shouldn't win games for you, nor should they be pants-on-head stupid. Basic, simple plays should be the norm.

There's three big problems when the AI has the puck behind their own net.

The first, which I think would be the easier one to fix, is that the AI seems to be completely unaware that the net and the goalie exist. They just try to skate through the net and when that fails the inevitably end up running the puck right into the goalie. It's almost like the AI is programmed to immediately turn up ice when they get the puck regardless of where they are or what's going on around them.

Which leads into the second big problem. The AI doesn't know how to use the net to create space for themselves against a forecheck and far too often will turn right into a forechecker rather than use the net as a safety valve.

Lastly, the AI seems to want to carry the puck right into the slot from behind the net. Again, regardless of how dangerous it is or how there are other, safer options.

An example of the first problem. Here the AI gets the puck and starts skating into the back of the net trying to go up ice before eventually bouncing to the side of the net and his own goalie.


Here the AI immediately turns up ice right into the goalie.


And it doesn't seem to be due to any pressure being put on the AI by the forecheck.


Example of the second problem. Instead of going behind the net and away from the forechecker the AI skates into both the forechecking forward and the goalie.


And here. The AI gets the puck down low and instead of going behind the net and around the far boards where there's an open man for the outlet pass he tries to cut in front of the net right into the opponent.


And lastly, the play where I could actually hear my old Pee-Wee coach screaming.



  • Another thing I find frustrating is that when you win the faceoff in your own end to the AI D at the bottom of the circle, he will invariably skate right up to the faceoff dot where I and the opposing center already are, losing the puck as a result. This is another prime example of a situation where he should be using the net to his advantage.
    Casual goalie gameplay: https://t.co/tQnYxAsyKy
  • Great OP. The AI drive me nuts. Another thing that they need to fix is the clearing the puck out of the zone when not being pressured on the penalty kill. There are breakout passes available, but they will just clear it out of the zone. So frustrating. Anyway, we have been complaining about this stuff for many years. EA doesn't care enough to fix it.
  • jmwalsh8888
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    They keep saying they are making improvements with ai. It's worst it's ever been.
  • Part of the problem is with the AI goalies... anytime a defender (AI or human) carries the puck near an AI goalie, the goalie snatches the puck away from the defender, even whens there's no danger.

    Another issue with AI D-men I've seen a lot (mainly in 3's): Sometimes they'll pass the puck around the boards to the other side, even when neither forward is on the other side and one or both forwards are open for a direct pass.
  • The problem is less about the skater and more to do with the goalie. I only play D in EASHL and I'm constantly getting picked from my own goalie cause I came a little close to the net. Incredibly unrealistic.
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