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Traits and build

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Looking the playmaker, but would like some ideas on traits and build. Thanks


  • Socair
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    Well, its really all about personal preference. So, if you like to be quick and don’t mind getting hit off the puck more easily, go shorter/lighter. Opposite if you want more puck control and are willing to sacrifice some speed and agility. Or try a “middle” ground size and weight. Since height/weight are primarily affecting your athleticism, you can try to boost attributes that you may be loosing out on with your build, but there’s always a trade off, so it doesn’t work out perfectly (you can’t make a bigger skater and use the acceleration trait without hurting your agility further), so again, you have to play a few games with different combinations to see what you like.

    It may also depend on which mode you play. In 3 vs 3, you may find a smaller build is better. But in 6 vs 6, bigger is better suited to help with all the bumps.

    I like to use a 5’11 187lb playmaker with strength and balance traits. I always use the endurance perk (lungs) on my forward builds.
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