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Offsides Going to Wrong Place

I've noticed that when a pass comes from the defensive zone and the receiver is offsides in the offensive zone and picks up the pass (even though no one else has touched the puck) the offsides call puts the puck at the nearest offsides dot when in reality it should be back in the defensive zone where the pass came from. Any way to get that fixed for next year?


  • I've found it to be accurate every time I've had an offside from varying parts on the ice. Do you have any recording to show this? As off side calls for me, have been one of the few consistent mechanics that can be called accurately before the game processes the call. Ie "off side, faceoff is gonna be back by their net" if they dumped it off side from their net.
  • Seen it twice in league games. Good idea on the recording. If I see it again I definitely will
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