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Pretty please

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edited June 2019
One fighter request per player. I need to use mine now for my Valentine I mean Valentina..

Ive paid my dues since the Beta and gotten great cards at times along the way.
But I need this one

Let me trade my earned Nunes or my master Caf Wbw.
Anything or just kindly place Valentina in my inbox
Many thanks 🙂🙏


  • WaterIAm
    332 posts Member
    With 6 hours left 75k spent and sadly 20 bucks....
    The last pack i received look like this..... j9iknj36f2e8.jpg

    It was nice to get a master no doubt but....wth
    Im too tired to grind anymore.....lol
    I almost had my Valentina!
    Ill prob never use that grappler..sigh
    Its all so depressing

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