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With EA being listed as a third party developer for Stadia, it begs the question: Is the NHL series a perfect fit for Google's new gaming platform?

In terms of multiplayer, Stadia eliminates lag. With all players on virtually the same 'node' (in some cases, maybe even the same physical rack) - this removes network latency from the game itself.

Stadia's biggest hurdle is bandwidth for delivering the frames to your screen. At 10mbps, you will get 720p and 20mbps you'll get 1080p, 60fps.

The rest of the networking is done on Google's servers, thus eliminating 'lag' from online games. The only 'lag' users will experience is a delay in the delivery of frames - based entirely on your own internal bandwidth capabilities.

Meaning; no longer would there be 'fat man lag'. If users did experience lag, it would simply be a fialure to retrieve frames - the gameplay would still play out with latency equivalent to the latency experienced while playing games locally on your console - so virtually zero.

I'm interested to hear what the community would think about NHL moving to Stadia - and the potential implications it has on the future of NHL - could EASHL/HUt become subscriptions?

Not to mention the technological innnovation Stadia brings to the table in terms of environments and assets - bringing together 23 players per-team doesn't seem so outlandish anymore. With the capability for each player to interact in the same enrivonment with completely different camera angles - this opens the door for EASHL streaming and competition. It allows those competitions to be 'filmed' from angles other than the player view - allowing a more realistic approach to broadcasting eSports.

The possibilities with Stadia seem endless. I feel the NHL series would be a GREAT way for Stadia to step in to the ESports market - and also an opportunity for the NHL series to reinvent itself and possibly be a pioneer of sports gaming on a new platform.


  • Tonysl79
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    Would using stadia also help with the match up discrepancy where you get matched up with elite ranked players over and over again when your ranked nowhere near your opponent?
  • I'm not sure if the USA has the same arbitrary monthly data caps, but in Canada, most Internet plans have a ceiling on monthly data usage (not sure if it's being enforced via charging extra fees yet or not for exceeding).

    I could see this chewing through the monthly allotment in no time for anyone more than a casual gamer. Hope google is in communication with the IPs to discuss reducing caps, or outright remove the caps.

    Interesting idea none the less.
  • in Canada, most Internet plans have a ceiling on monthly data usage (not sure if it's being enforced via charging extra fees yet or not for exceeding).

    Depends on the ISP.

    Data caps will be an issue for the next 3-5 years while broadband continues its push to be a basic utility on par with Electricity or Water - there are no limits, but you pay for what you use.

  • 5G push for internet and TV access solves the rural issue.

    Most providers understand you aren't watching your TV like you used to... in the manner and time spent in front of it as well. They realize you aren't really watching the trash programming the networks put out... you are streaming everything under the sun, when you want. Data caps will be a thing of the past soon enough - if you have competition. The 5G wireless companies will provide that needed competition to cable companies.

    Cable companies and providers are moving more into the content space, trying to acquire wireless spectrum and they realize the business model is changing for them.

    Wireless companies are moving or will be moving more towards IoT and will worry less about selling and leasing overpriced handsets from manufacturers that have them over a barrel.

    The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. Industry changes and shifts are happening rapidly. The gaming industry will see this impact and Stadia is just a start.

    You controller will basically be an IoT device with an IP address. The images will simply be a "cast" to whatever device you choose.

    Awesome stuff ahead.
  • DaveSki16
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    Any idea if/when this will happen?
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