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Fix This Damn Series

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I am done EA.

I’m done with this game you keep calling “hockey”

Year after year the games get worse and worse, the ai seems to get stupider and the “glitch goals” just seem to keep getting more ridiculous. The ai is especially getting me this year, especially when they cause offsides when playing in EASHL or BaP. It’s like from NHL 18 to NHL 19 the ai somehow unlearned all about zone entry. And their decision making with the puck most of the time is horrible. I hate the dump around the boards play 95% of the time. Sometimes it’s a good play but only rarely. The ai makes the right plays but at the wrong times a lot of the times.

And nothing gets done about the Swiss cheese goalies. Or better yet, one teams goalie in EASHL is Swiss cheese and the other is brick wall. It’s unfair that one goalie never gives up on a puck yet the other is always caught out of position or letting in weak snap shots from the outside. That right there is the majority of my NHL 19 games. Out play the other team like crazy, kick the crap out of them but they score way too easily and win off weak goals. It’s gross the goalies should just be better in general and require skill and hockey knowledge to beat, not just curl around in the corner for 30 seconds until you can either cross crease it or snipe cheese it.

And what’s with removing features? Be a Pro specifically in game your stamina bar doesn’t flash when you need to go for a line change, so unless the bench is on screen, which is not very often, I’m in the dark on line changes. EASHL you don’t get anything for winning playoffs, no trophy celebration, no banner, barely any bragging rights, hell you don’t even get a damn hockey bag.

And every time I get in contact with EA (which is not very often.) They just claim their game is perfect and I need to change the way I play. I’m not changing the way I play if that requires me cheesing the goalies and ai. I’m a true player I play the game like it should be played, not just skating in circles until you can cheese something. It’s horribly programmed and I’m extremely dissatisfied with it this year.

Sincerely an extremely angry, very long time, disappointed player.

[Removed profanity]
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  • P.S Why the hell are EASHL players so low OVR? They should be higher I feel like a tug boat playing division one hockey it’s not fun.
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    I am done EA.

    The game isn’t broken. It plays exactly the way the morons intended it to play. See, it would take a whole lot more time and money to make a game where u actually get to play the game yourself, instead of watching the ai change all of your decisions and ignore logic. Think about it. Everyone keeps buying the game anyway so why strive to be excellent or make anything someone would be proud to own?
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