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Why am I getting salary cap warnings in the playoffs?

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edited June 2019
This might be legit because it was telling me I was below the salary cap min but I know the salary cap most of the time doesn't matter in the playoffs. Teams can go over it. I can't find anything about the min salary cap in the playoffs.

Shouldn't EA ignore the salary cap req's in the playoffs?

Also it doesn't make sense. A player came off injury making 3+ mill a year. I tried to send down a rookie making nothing because I had to many players but it then told me I was under the cap.


  • Peaceh
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    There is a cap ceiling and cap floor. You need to have a minimum amount of salary on your nhl roster. If you are under that you will not be able to send guys down manually only the auto feature if you have an injury and had to call someone up. With the auto feature it will send down your lowest contract.
  • Peaceh
    58 posts Member
    I forgot to add in yes they really should ignore cap in playoffs but they have bigger issues then that overall. Maybe if they figured out how to get legends into offline mode they could have figured this one out.
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