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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Serious Question: Why is everyone so irate over NHL not switching to Frostbite?

I have read a ton about Frostbite for a few years now. And the general consensus is that Frostbite is capable of delivering visually stunning graphics but is notoriously difficult to work with in many other areas of game development. Aside from DICE, who invented the engine and uses it successfully with their Battlefield franchise, there are countless stories of games taking a dive and suffering from many issues that are regularly attributed to working with Frostbite as the culprit. I personally don't see the benefit outweighing the cost of the switch. Especially from a community that is constantly ripping the series for focusing on visuals as opposed to core game-play.

It is an engine that has a lot of potential but is very difficult to work with outside of the context of first person shooters. So I am genuinely curious:

Does the EA NHL community really want the dev team to try and make an NHL game on Frostbite with a ~8 month dev cycle?

Or is it just the cool thing to do to rip on EA for not moving to Frostbite?


  • GramerProfesur
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    edited June 2019
    If they’re going to do one or the other, rather it be the gameplay, but that’s more difficult than a visual overhaul. So you’d expect we’d at least get better graphics or presentation (faces, arena atmosphere, etc) if they’re not going to work on gameplay

    The amount they’ve put into gameplay looks minimal at best, and they put effort into a new mode no one wanted instead of improving gameplay/graphics. So it looks like we didn’t get either this year but a couple of gimmicks that most people will be bored with like Ones in a month or two. Shooting styles are nice and the idea of goalie animations improved but I’d bet money that AI is still broken, more glitch goals (due to more variety of ways to score), and servers still very poor. It minimizes any baby steps they may have made in gameplay. It always does. You’re going to need a giant leap in gameplay or graphics to satisfy people since we all know those three issues will always be there, they are incapable of fixing them
  • Anyone who complains about NHL 20 not being on Frostbite is demonstrating their lack of knowledge surrounding game development.

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