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  • MikeyAU630
    295 posts Member
    edited June 2019

    Also, the in-game explanation of the NHL Draft Event says "all players start at 95 OVR" and "player items gain +6 OVR and 5 points of additional team synergy if they are drafted in the top 10." How can they get +6 OVR if they're already 95 OVR? You can't have higher than 99 OVR.
  • MikeyAU630
    295 posts Member
    edited June 2019
    I also just noticed the Draft Collectables are just plain blue cards that say "Collectable"... nothing on them actually indicates they are Draft Collectables.

    Edit: And when you search the AH for Draft Collectables on the market, none show up. But there's an option that's just blank (below Evolution 2 Collectables, above Trade Deadline Collectables) that brings up the Draft Collectables.


    Can we get the AH search fixed? And a clarification of what happens when a player is drafted top 10?
  • Hey @MikeyAU630,

    Please start a new thread on this subject and I will do my best to reply. This thread is regarding the white text on white background.
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