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Why no improvements to BE A PRO? Do you care about offline customers?

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For once i wish EA would listen to there customers, all these fake surveys that yet i still have not been able to participate in and we get a battle royale mode and more world of chel hockey bags. Why does EA chose to cater to youtubers, streamers, and professional gamers. This community does not have a game changer or yet anybody that has respect for offline modes, BE A PRO has not been updated since 2009 it feels like and thats a shame. Not a single update to enhance a game mode, i'm curious how many people asked for a battle royale over BAP and GM connected updates. [Removed - CM] EA pushes customers so far away from how to make a game its terrible. Single player modes get nothing because there is no communication between developers who are online based down to game changers who are online based and down to streamers who get free stuff and are online based. But don't worry HUT will be better 400 legends now and they won't be included in single player modes. I just don't understand how EA can get away with this toward the NHL series. For once i wish somebody would reach out to single player customers and make changes. I would like to say what should be changed or included in BAP but i don't have a voice just like 100% of the offline players and we get left in the dark. False Advertisement should be there slogan and not it's in the game because it's not there

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    What do you await from a game and crew which is not able or willing to do basic simple things like doing a profile pic in every real player profile. ( Extremly much are missing ) It’s unique for a Sport game which is popular and on the market. This CAP to create a player possibilities are a joke and about willing to let look player similar like they are it’s better not to discuss.
  • I honestly think you are seeing the result of a game’s direction being decided by YouTubers and trends.

    It sucks.
  • kitchener_boy
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    What ever happened to saving lines and stratagies? Never happened ever, EA shafted us there too.I remember being really excited for 19..then I remembered that EA likes kids who can't play realistic hockey. They don;t care about hockey,NHL is a filler...NHL 20 is just a game to have a slot filled between now and next gen. They want a game everyyear and that means recycling last years game.
    Most of you love that they can patch and fix the games any time...that actually is what's going agaisnt us.The fact they can patch or tune the game 5 times a year to please everyone.What you will see in Sept will not be what you see in December. What you see in December won't be what you'll see in February.
    Why did anyone ever expect things to change?..this is basicly like owning NES and ICE HOCKEY! They really need to do what MLB guys are doing. And NO! 2K would not be any better.
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