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NHL20 "eliminator" mode aka Battle Royale

So now EA is trying to attract the Fortnite crowd with the Battle Royale nonsense. Probably the worst community in all of the video game communities. They are re-introducing the play of the period and play of the game highlights as new.

We dont need more cut scenes or gimmicks. We need gameplay improvements. Hopefully the new goalie AI and the new, whatever you call it engine will work. At least they are smart enough to test it on current gen. Iwill tell you, I am not willing to gamble money for more excuses, failed updates/tuners/patches, which 100% be guaranteed so I will wait till it goes on sale, which should be around Black Friday if my predictions are correct. There was no mention of anything EASHL related so that right there is a red flag in the direction and care of how this game is destined to be headed.
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