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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Disgruntled Hockey Fan

I’ve kept an eye on the forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc, and it’s most of the same; unhappy, long-time fans of this franchise. Like, where’s the passion? I’ve played every single NHL game since 03. I’ll be honest, I don’t care about EASHL, HUT, or anything online related (there are those that love those modes and I’m not saying you guys don’t deserve to have them. I’m glad there’s an audience for that). I’ve always played offline and that’s the area I’ve noticed that EA has neglected the most.

-Be a Pro needs a massive overhaul, nuff said.

-Franchise mode has had some nice features added to it, but, improve on those features and try to keep it feeling fresh.

-Update your game engine. Unreal engine preferably.

-Make massive changes to customization. Allow us to make our own jerseys, logos, goalie masks, arenas, etc.

-Better and more immersive arenas and crowds. The crowds are atrocious and annoying at times.

-Update and add new faces for NHL players

-Face scanning for your custom player in Be a Pro

-Add more immersive stats and records for individual teams/NHL, so when you get drafted, you can set out to break team/NHL records.

-Get rid of the stupid moral system. It’s pointless.

-Fix the friggen AI goalies. They have horrible save animations and let in awful goals.

-Improve upon the AI at ALL positions.

-Real NHL coaches with the option to hire/fire in franchise mode.

-Refine the clunky menus and cut down on loading times.

-Realistic season sims and player stats.

-Better differentiating between players. For example a player whose speed is 95 overall shouldn’t be passed or matched in speed by someone whose speed is an 80 overall.

-Longer and better Stanley cup celebrations. Different playoff series clinching celebrations.

-Be a Pro and Franchise mode career progress that carries over to the next NHL game.

I could keep going. I’ve listed a lot here and I know others will agree. Listening to your customers is what will make this game better. I’m quite baffled that you guys don’t. No one asked for a battle royal type mode, no one asked for pond hockey, no one asked for the “dab” celebration, or the massive amounts of custom bandannas, or clothing for your customs online player. If you guys would put more effort and passion into your offline modes while touching up your online modes, this game would be up there with the likes of NBA 2k, Madden, and FIFA. Sometimes even the the finer details can make a game stand out better than the rest.

Oh and please add GM connected and roster sharing. I see it requested quite a bit and there’s clearly an audience for both.


  • Froommey
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    edited June 2019
    I agree. But in this EA Forum you will not find much of this offline players which like it authentic, so the most here don’t care about such things like in social media platforms like Twitter and FB. So is my experience here in this Forum which present only a small fanbase.
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