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More sliders for better game

How is possible make better game we can show? We need more different sliders for the CPU/HUMAN

In the nhl19 is only one speed of passes slider.
We need one for the cpu passes speed and one for the human passes speed. CPU will not play the same game as human never.
The same for the Goalies passes/control puck.
The same for the boarding play.

Goalie need more sliders for the save. Any slider for the "between the legs" reaction time. Any slider for the shoot from the circles reaction time save. Any slider for the shoot from the d-point reaction time save.
The same for the shooters. Any slider for snapshot, slapshot, wristshot, backhand shot, under pressure shot, rebound shot.
The same as accuracy slider from the point of the shot, shot between the circles, shot from the d-point.
We need more sliders for the block of the shots, net of the shots

For the CPU play we need any more sliders too. More shots vs. More passes. More hits vs. More position.

There is plenty of situations how you can change the gameplay vid.

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