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What the point of getting a good team in hut



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    I removed the last few posts here as they were calling out other players. Please don’t “single out” groups based on where they live or make broad implications. It only leads to derailing the thread.

    Then can you answer how a silver goalie plays better than a 97 bishop?

    I don’t play HUT enough to know, but is it consistent? Last time I played HUT online, my 87 overall team (I think my goalie is a base Talbot) was destroyed by a guy with a ton of high cards in CS. And I don’t consider myself a poor player. I’ve never been the beneficiary of this low card boost.

    Fluke bounces bad decisions aside, it’s all connection related. See it constantly in EASHL. Can’t pick up loose pucks, get beat to the puck, whiffing and missing shots, etc...while other team is flying around us with ease and getting everything going their way. Nothing to do with how good your internet is, how fast it is, just proximity and cleaner connection to the server you happen to be on.
    This. This. This.

    No ice tilt.

    No DDA.


    How can you know this for sure?
    HUT to me has become useless. I make my team better and it performs worse online yet the offline experience is always the same. No point in playing anymore.
    Do you have more questions?

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