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Icons Seasonal - THE MEGA TOPIC (Lets Keep It Here)



  • Paltsari
    323 posts Member
    Unless you collect different Elite fighters I would concentrate on one particular fighter and transfer the rest. But do that when you don't pull any new fighters. In the end, last day, you decide which fighters you would go for, trade the rest of em, narrow down to two and then one fighter and upgrade him as far as you can.

    The difference between LvL 1 to LvL 9 is kind of a small, but there are some levels where fighters jump up a bit. Can't say what those levels are though as I went for Master right away.
  • Paltsari
    323 posts Member
    When this event ends its highly unlikely you will get to do nothing with those duplicates.

    Either you concentrate on getting one guy as high leveled as you can and trade others away or you collect them just for the fun of collecting. You really don't need them in actual gameplay. It makes no sense to play with Elite fighter against Masters. At least someone in the LvL 1-3...
  • Hey everyone is it likely we’ll get any new events after the icon event that’s currently on ?
  • Paltsari
    323 posts Member
    Nothing confirmed, but likely yes. Back To School is one choice, another would be Nations.

    Also there is at least one more Spotlight coming out.
  • Sweet cheers will they offer people the chance to get master tier fighters, I literally started the icon event a few days ago but will go hard on any new events
  • What should i do with my 6 Nate fighters and 1 husk ? I won’t make master tier lvl when it ends tomorrow
  • Master fighters, master moves coming for sure.

    With Nate you can't do much. Level him up to 7 and be happy. Unless you have someone else that is closer to Master when u could muster up few lotto tickets with your 6 Nates.
  • How do you know there’s atleast one more spotlight coming? And if so do you know who it is?
  • How do you know there’s atleast one more spotlight coming? And if so do you know who it is?

    Lurking on the Discord where developers are.

    I don't know who it is.
  • Cheers mate really hope ea update on a lot the events in ufc 4 when that’s out because they leave you a bit in the dark on this one
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