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What Has you sold on NHL20??



  • TreborMalkin
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    edited August 2019
    It’s not dda or tilt they have changed the ratings on lifts pokes dekes etc I had a defender by himself with the puck in the corner. In my end no defensive pressure couldn’t pick up a loose puck and kicked it to the guy on the blue line who stepped across crouched a bit slap shot goal. If you crouch or deke it’s a goal doesn’t matter if it’s a good hockey play. The game has become junk and EA has saved me a lot of money.
  • reengerg wrote: »
    Announcing situation is horrid. Why did they ever get rid of doc emetics and eddie
    Too many complaints about "stale" commentary.

    Personally, I've never muted the commentary since 06, and didn't get bored of either. I do prefer the older duo though.

    Remember when Ray Ferraro joined as the "inside the glass" guy in NHL 15, they said that new commentary would be added on a regular basis? That never happened.
  • Thank for asking, thanks for keeping all my favorites from last year!

    - the extreme slowness in EASHL which makes it virtually unplayable
    - emphasizing single player modes in a team game
    - whenever you are awarded a penalty shot it goes to the center player
    - being forced to reset the room every-time when playing the next game in online versus
    - multiplayer sudden-death overtime where only three of your friends are allowed to
    play while you watch from the bench
    - threes (bastardization of the sport in competitive modes)
    - a game that is so bad that there is no community is playing after midnight
    - not being able to apply items that you receive in loot bags as you get them
    - not being able to listen to new sound bites when you receive them
    - the face without you changing it (this was noted as a fix in multiple versions but was never fixed)
    - random refresh of settings to the default values
    - no global sticky settings from game for play station users
    - broken promises to switch to new gaming engines
    - virtually indistinguishable game play from previous year (smoothness has improved slightly though)
    - hiding community size to avoid embarrassment in EASHL
    - no option to leave game early when there is a poor connection
    - getting a loss when you leave the game before it starts when you friend doesn't leave
    - allow all-time all-stars online
    - promotion of gambling for children in a pay to win slot machine
    - shared stats when you play multiplayer - I want to how much better or worse I am than my friends
    ( passing percentage, face-offs, etc... didn't think we would notice? illustrates no attention to detail )
    - so many game modes that divide the community

    honorable mentions

    - not being able to practice with or against your friends ( goalie + scorer or full team)
    - allowing casual singles to play in online versus
    - no option to lock-in or unlock during game play
    - no cross platform game play
    - embarrassingly bad menu graphics and functionality
    (by the way, better user experience is cheaper to build because you are implementing less)
    - no vote to kick trolls

    Oh, shoot this is a hut thread!
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