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With the talk of the new features in NHL 20, why isn't there any talk of changing up the Auction House. Selling cards on here is based off of greed. When cards are valued on the market in a difference of 200-300k coins, it's almost impossible to get a fair valued price. I've experimented with trade offers and found that most offers are only accepted when the value of the cards offered are well over the value of the trade card. When you see a card BN value at 479k and the same card through other trades BN values up to 800k, it's evident that the control of the market is definitely in the players hand and unfortunately some people are greedy. It would be nice to see a market where the values of players are fair and not all over the place


  • reengerg
    127 posts Member
    I vote for EA to forget the auction house. Just put a price on every card in the game either a $ amount or coins you could grind for if you dont want to pay. EA would make a fortune. They could put really high prices on great cards. Guys would pay it. Oh and nix the contracts
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