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Puck chop

There is no way a player that swing and chops a puck can make a tape to tape pass yet it’s in the game. I’m beginning to think the only thing not in the game is hockey flow. There are games when you don’t play glitch teams


  • Treatmentworke66
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    I just played a guy who did some kind face off glitch
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  • It’s been bad lately face off chops, passes that go through your d, puck chops etc. the players who can glitch and protect the puck etc are virtually impossible to beat. I have been called for icing the puck no pass no shot just defender behind my player and puck flys off the stick. Then called of icing. If I am skating at a defender there is no way with the puck in front of me they chop the puck for tape to tape pass and also don’t get called for a trip.
  • That face off chop is almost impossible to counter ,yes it has been brutal when playing d lately ,and the passing has been off
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