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Seperation of NHL20 Forum by mode type??

So @Ea_Roger @EaDev or whomever...
Any chance that the NHL20 portion of the forums, particularly after 9/10/2019 can be silo'd by game mode type? Please?

Sorry to the rabid "fans" of EASHL and League play etc. etc. But I don't really care at all about it and don't want to end up wasting even more time popping in to a topic on gameplay that seems intriguing to find out it is (1)all about a mode I have never played once, (2) is literally asking for whatever proposed "adjustment" just for "their" mode, and (3) almost every time is a complaint about game initialization menu interface or whatever.

At first I thought, well, it is technically all part of the same game so maybe I can benefit from reading some of the discussion in these threads. I was very wrong.

So I'm basically begging for seperation on here for the upcoming title.

The mechanics to establish it are just one (maybe two) clicks depending on your setup and interface. The rub is the effort in putting discussions in their proper buckets if the OP doesn't do it themselves. But for that, I am sure you could find some experienced Forum Mods that would gladly assist you in simple, mundane tasks such as this.
**looks around then raises hand emphatically**


  • Socair
    2815 posts Game Changer
    The forum for 19 does have separate boards for HUT and WoC. The HUT section sees a lot of traffic...the WoC board not so much (other than recruitment).

    We’re not gonna eliminate the general discussion board and I’m not sure if specific boards for every game mode would see much use...what would you like to see?

    If a thread is specific to HUT or WoC they typically get moved to their respective board. But most threads are broad gameplay related in topic.
  • We view this differently and I'll just leave it at that. I can appreciate your willingness to ask me for specificity. But I can't do that without having it come across negatively, complaining or argumentative. I don't want to do that publicly so I guess I just retract my initial request, sadly.
    Thanks for responding, though.
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey @CoolFin20 ,

    I stand by what Socair stated above, I will say that we do give this some though when creating the forums every year and are willing to discuss it. We introduced the "NHL Off topic" & "NHL 19 Media section" based on player feedback. If need be you always hit me up via DM if you don't wish to discuss this publicly anymore.


  • The above post is more than 10 days old. You are much busier on here and in your related job than I am as the end user. So I am keenly aware of this. Not sure if this post in forum helps my standing in your queue. You have a DM from me I was hoping for some response from literally anyone repping the company on.
    @EA_Roger @Socair
  • Bμnฯ!
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    I've seen your DM however the goal of the forum isn't to do 1 on 1 support for our players, it's to support the player base as a community. On top of this I don't have the ability to grant any content or verify claims here. If you want our support to look into this by contacting them here: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/

    Off the top of my head I will say that I doubt our support can assist for missed promotions. I'm shutting this topic down now as we've addressed the initial concern.
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