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ToS adjustment? *Legit* coin swapping?

So I wanted to break this off seperately from the 'Auction House' thread which will be directly below this one once I post -speaking about overpriced cards and asking for "Buy Now Limits" (spoiler for that thread: I oppose the suggestion)

I have wondered this myself all year, and believe me it does not apply to me personally at all considering I don't know any players personally that have played more than a couple games of NHL19.

Community thoughts?
Dev thoughts?

Would it be the worst thing ever to have an approved list of legit, authenticated as real players, friends with which HUT Coins could be exchanged? It had been a while since I thought about it. I guess you could charge a transaction fee (for a number of reasons) if you wanted.

Many casuals already feel like "elites" are all in bed together anyway (clearly not true across the board). But casuals on up ought to be able to utilize this. YouTubers and Twitch Streamers could do coin giveaways since I am not sure Player Card giveaways, real $$ (or gift cards) giveaways, swag or even a copy of next year's game do anything any better for you in terms of either exposure/engagements or your bottom line (game sales and then coin sales though PS/MS Stores).

This isn't a fully formed idea mostly because I think it is likely a huge longshot, so there have to be issues with scammers or sellers that could dampen this nice addition for some. Also, not just for NHL20 which is likely fully formed by now I wouldn't know the dev work required as your desired level of authentication would likely be the main variable in time and resources.

Open to any and all criticism. But... Again, it wouldn't apply to me yet, before anyone wisecracks that you'd have things like 5 person HUT Teams in cahoots all year like in Leagues/EASHL/WoC... Uh, yeah. Wow, that would be terrible if a major pro sports simulation in 2020 had more than one person working by themselves on their futon in their undies with no connection to the rest of the world. Also, what do you think eSports and Competitive Team Gameplay is, anyway? Lol
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