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8 hour free pack automatically quick sold for 0?

I assume my sweet 100 coin card at least gave me those few coins. But not super stoked to have the other 3 cards all quick sold for absolutely nothing despite me not selecting that option. No (untradeable) player card (believe it was silver rare or not unsure), no extra contract card or that key monthly collectible needed so badly.

Any ideas I would love to hear EA team.

I will a bit busy watching the World Series finale on ESPN starting in 5 minutes (as soon as Chris Herren stops making everyone cry right now).


  • Okay, so you can delete this or otherwise modify it as needed.
    Not quite sure why so much goes not addressed or unanswered on here at the moment considering there are maybe 10 of us active and 7 of those are here for NHL20 info.
    I get Roger (and likely others) have plenty of other titles to tend to, but c'mon have at least 1 dedicated person for NHL instead of us answering our own or other's questions (since we won't know correctly all/most of the time, anyway).

    Long story short on this one... It seems to have been a glitch/bug of some sort. I didn't check back until this past hour and so missed on the exact 8 hour timing... But the collectible and player card have magically re-appeared in my collection. If no one else has ever had this happen I suppose it doesn't even deserve a support ticket.
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