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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Gameplay/Connection opinions...

98% the same game for the most part. Goalies still give up the same soft wrister garbage goals as always. Then they play spiderman save on legit cross-creasers. Passing and skating feel a little better, but input delay still determines your quality of game-play more than skill does.

After 12 attempts my record is 8-4. Every loss was against a team above 500 CR and played like your typical "fat man lag" or "stuck in mud" situation for me. Every win was from below 500 CR players and only a few of them felt "fat" or "muddy" on my end. There is definitely a direct relation between your opponents having a higher CR AND your team playing "fat" or "stuck"

Just like every version since NHL 16 it feels like you become an "elite player" when you can figure out how to never have to play a "fat man lag" game (which highly increases your chance at winning said game)

That's my thought on the game so far. NHL 20 will be NHL 16.5 once EA tunes the game in the first month to accommodate the streamers and "elites"


  • I kind of have the same feeling as you. This beta feels just like the nhl 19 and nhl 18 betas. It feels exactly the same as those and nhl 19 got updated a month in and they totally changed the feel of the game and made it worse. I have already experienced all the issues you have as well. I’m really disappointed that they haven’t fixed a single issue we have been complaining about
  • I truly think the internet is the root of most that's bad with this game. The last few years it's been the same story over and over again. Play a game where my team has "fat man lag" and it's always against somebody with 600-700+ CR. Play a game where my team is crispy as can be (rare) and it's usually against somebody with less than 500 CR.

    Just to make a note, I only play games where EA's ping graph shows a low enough ping that looks mostly flat. It doesn't matter if I'm on a server or P2P. The graph never seems to indicate any sort of problem, so whatever is causing these issues isn't being shown/traced on EA's connection stats.
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