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EASHL beta issues thus far

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1. Backhand bubble is even stronger than in previous full release NHLs. This needs needs tuned down.
2. The Spin O Rama needs to make the puck carrier lose the puck way more frequently.
3. The puck physics need addressed. Pucks being cleared (dumped) are going out over the opposing sides glass at the other end of the rink. Pucks are being shot, hit a player and stop dead in its tracks, out of the air right in the crease. Pucks are making uncharacteristic bounces like a bouncy ball. Pucks are being poked and immediately going right back to the opposing players stick.
4. Puck carrier has too much agility with the puck and too much top end speed with the puck.
5. Body checks to the back when 9 out of 10 players wants to skate the puck backwards all over the ice arent effective. Nobody should be able brace for hits their characters dont see.
6. Human goalies vertical movement is too slow.
7. Why are no defensemen builds with the capability to match the speed attributes of some forward builds?
8. Why did some forward builds, which were effective to use on defense, nerfed? TWF has slower skating, stick checking and defensive awareness as an example.
9. Slow skating overall makes the gameplay slow.
10. Too many loading screens, cut scenes.
11. Fix passing, you have it tuned so that all the forwards who are made faster overall skaters by EA, are able to dump the puck in and forecheck to effectively. The defenseman takes too long to pick up the loose puck and move it. One touch passes are too slow as well.
12. Remove that ridiculous dancing before the game starts. This isnt NBA2K, Hockey is a game of respect. Stop making this into Fortnite with the battle royale and showing off before the game even begins.

Otherwise the beta isn't too bad. Im sure itll be tweaked and ruined at some point and then 8 months will spent trying to rectify the fubar issues created becaue of tinkering or the forwards in the community will cry and complain they cant skate through the entire opposing team and score at will.

Why doesnt this series do its due diligence and actually research the fundamentals of the sport instead of trying to appeal to certain audience that has no clue how to properly play it? Leave drop ins for the arcade style players and make club for the ones who want simulation. Different tuners should be in place for different modes. Reward for quality play instead of rewarding non-hockey plays.

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