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"Dead Eye Mode"

So, I just had a discussion with my Son and he thinks my idea is borderline stupid. That said, if you do not like my idea I just ask to please be respectful of your feedback.

Lack of a better term; "dead eye mode" (based on the Red Dead series) could be a mode of play where in certain situations, the game goes into a, well, dead eye slow-mo mode. Example: you are bombing one from the blue line, and you have JVR infront of the net. The screen breaks in two, in slow-mo (one side for JVR, the other for the defender). You have to hit whatever sequence the screen shows to either make an awesome tip, or the defender intervenes. Same idea for key faceoffs, or a punishing check in the corner. You can set whatever settings to on or off (maybe choose tips in front of the net and faceoff, but turn off big hits etc...). I understand this could not necessarily work in online vs. competitive, but even in casual or offline to see how it would go. Maybe?


  • I remember 2k hockey minigames. There is so many ideas for build.
    This "party" games I am missing with EA series.
  • G1ll1es
    38 posts Member
    For offline mode, agreed online versus non matchmaking mode as an overall option incase you and your buddies want to try would be fun.

    What they do need though is BETTER A.I including camera angles.
  • Peaceh
    56 posts Member
    I could def see this in be a pro. Make it an unloackable skill once you hit a thresh hold for poise or something.
  • 2k used to have dead eye when goaltending. Loved it.
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