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Graphic errors

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As a Flyers fan I've been waiting for this for a long time and today with the beta I think it's time write about it. It's been what like ten years now that the Flyers have these versions of home and away jerseys and not in one of the last 10 games it was right. The "A" of alternate captain and the numbers font are wrong. It'a little detail but damn it ticks me off to see after ten years nothing have changed.

You can see the difference between the game and real life "A"


Same goes with the orange version of these jerseys. Kinda sucks when the current third is ok.

As for the numbers font, the one in the game is like the replica jerseys being sold.
Look at the #4


What about the size of the numbers?


The Giroux jersey pic comes from the meigrey website who is selling game worn jerseys.

Oh and the scoreboard at the bottom, not the best idea. And the resize feature of it only work vertically. I don't see my lines even with it at the smallest.


  • As a goalie, I look forward to the customization aspect. Frederik Andersen, SOMEHOW, still has red stitching between the T on his glove and red sock tape. Every goalie using a bauer 2s glove has that red there. Why? Super easy fix. Hope they address it.
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