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Human goalies get short end of the stick again for play/highlight of the game between periods

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Why do you hate human goalies so much EA? Start of the game intro, dump the human goalies to the side of the screen. Worse is that 99% of the time it will be a position player (forward most likely) that will get play of the game between periods/after game.

As a goalie you can have a perfect period with 6+ shots faced .....and a player with a hit will get play of the game if no one scored. If someone scores its pretty much always the player that scored gets it. SMH. Show goalies some love. Rearrange the formula for these highlight packages. Like why does players with hits get it over a goalie that had a perfect period with multiple saves?!?

Get a 1-0 shoutout win....goalie wont get highlight package during period or post game. It will be players with hits who get it between periods and the person that scored the gwg after the game even if you carry as a goalie. GOALIE LIFE MATTERS!! People already stopped playing goalie, EA could have made it fun for new players to try playing as goalie with these highlight packages but nahhhhhhhhh they get the worst of it.

Prioritize goalies that are having good period/game with these highlights than ppl with goals and hits. Over 20 games so far, 7 shutout games, prob ~30 shutout periods and I gotten play of the game twice total while guys with a hit will get it over me non stop :rage:


  • Despite having different goalie animations the overall feel of using the goalie is literally the same as previous EA NHL titles.

    Trying to get in position to make a save seems so delayed. The goalie just looks like a robot for the most part. There is no uniqueness to the movements, it's just copy / paste animations. Then hope the reaction time matches up...

    I believe the goalies in the game need to be completely redone. There is no signature look to them either. You can't tell the difference between Vasilevskiy or Price.
  • Totally agree..I played 1 game yesterday in goal. I had only given up 1 goal late in the 3rd,(18 saves on 19 shots) the announcers were talking about how the other team were outplaying us the whole game but the goaltender (me) was the story of the game, yet not 1 highlight. They were showing other players that had big hits instead. Im sure this will fall on deaf ears, but I can relate with you barrett!
  • This is why they release a beta, so things like this can be discovered. Maybe they've already worked on this. This is a two month old build as it is.
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  • As a goalie, I look forward to the customization aspect. Frederik Andersen, SOMEHOW, still has red stitching between the T on his glove and red sock tape. Every goalie using a bauer 2s glove has that red there. Why? Super easy fix. Hope they address it. And how can we not change the colours on our helmets? Nhl 2k9 on the Wii had that -.-
  • G1ll1es
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    100% agree.. Goalies need to attention. I remember in like 14 or 15 they got some love in eashl..
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    Human goalies feel no different to me than they did in 19. Hugging the post and going post to post is still a nightmare.

    Though this is a two month old build of the game.
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