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NHL20 is worse then 19, along with new issues

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Where do I start? I understand this is a beta but they beta get it together! Still have big lingering issues from 19. Be damn sure they want another $70+ for it though. Here they are after only playing for a few hours:

1) CPU defense in 3's is still super aggressive, always rushing in and you cant change it. Period
2) CPU defense behind the net have zero awareness when passing. If you call for a pass when they are remotely close to the net the pass into the net or goalie like idiots. Why cant they pass AROUND the net/boards ?
3) Poke check/penalty shots in 3's is even more sensitive then 19. You look at a guy the wrong way and its a PS. You poke and the guy doesn't even flinch...its a PS.
4) Some players are just ridiculously fast, regardless of same attributes/features. How can 2 ppl with the exact same builds, attributes, weight, height etc be significantly different speeds?

New issues:

1) Passing...... every player is apparently an 80yr old women with arthritis. Even with laser passing ive seen quicker cricket matches. What is going on here?
2) Screen calibration still oversizes screen
3) Why the hell does the score board appear at the bottom of the screen? You expect someone rushing in against defenders and seconds left to look to the bottom of the screen to see the time then look back to the top and try and finish a play?
4) Why does the scoreboard now take up so much space? It used to take up 1/75 of the screen and not its like 1/20. Give us an option for scoreboard size, layout and position!

If anyone else wants to chime in with other things let me , and especially EA know!

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