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NHL20 Beta Bugs/Improvements/Still Missing

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Hooo boy, that was pretty underwhelming.

Lets get right into it.

  • I don't like how it shows the list of challenges by default when you select World Of Chel, forcing you to back out every time. There's a link to click it from the menu, no need to show it by default every time.
  • I unlocked a few items, was looking for a certain stick but did not know which section it was in. There was no *notification for the new items. Maybe a bug?
  • The shadows were bad enough in NHL19, now you've doubled down and there's tons more annoying shadowing on the ice. Please let us have an option to turn this off. Or better yet, have a cycle of INDOOR arenas to play in for drop-in as well.
  • Lack of game stats during drop-in games. The more stats the better, it should be just as thorough as the WOC player stats page.
  • End of the game hurry up timer is still there. Unnecessary, I can quit on my own thanks I don't need a shot clock. Please get rid of it.
  • Same 2 drop-in teams/jerseys. Can we please spice this up a bit? Let us pick from a host of other leagues teams like we've always been able to in the past?
  • Would be nice to let us edit loadouts while waiting in the dressing room so we don't have to back out.
  • It still shows your prestige progression when you're in the public lobbies. It shouldn't, those should be hidden. It's the reason lots of people back out.
  • Passing is crazy slow. I don't know if this was planned, or you just forgot to turn up the passing sliders. But this needs to be fixed.
  • Speaking of sliders, turn up the hitting slider. The hits are nerfed to beyond no fun, like come on.
  • Poke checking is sadly still the same. The initial poke check should be aimed where your skater is facing (left stick) and not aim for the puck by default. This is why there are so many tripping penalties, this was a bad change, please change it back.
  • Open all bags option. So I don't have to open like 15-20 bags back to back.
  • When disconnected from a game you should quit back to the dressing room, not back to the hub.
  • Why does adding attribute traits bump up some stats but bump down others? They should be boosts that boost certain stats, but not take away others. If I add core balance I should get a few points added to balance, but I shouldn't ALSO lose wrist shot accuracy and power, that's dumb.


Manual goalies feel like they've been untouched, so once again I suggest the following changes/options..
  • These new control layout is terrible, give us the option to use the controls from NHL17 and previous. This goes for goalies and players. Don't say you can't do it, you can, you still have NHL94 controls for some reason.
  • Hugging the post should be easier & quicker like it was before. Once you hug the post (using RB/R1) you should be able to let go of RB/R1 to release the post. It's quicker for reacting to a pass out in front of the net.
  • Bring back the puck arrow, this really helps. Goalie is hard enough as it is. Capture.png
  • Goalies are slow and clunky when trying to skate behind the net to stop a shoot-in.
  • The side to side movement "push" is exaggerated and unrealistic. Pushes you way too far. Go back to smoother movement.
  • When you skate out of your crease to race someone for the puck but get beat, you can no longer use the save animations. This must be a glitch, you should be able to attempt a save anywhere on the ice.


Same as last year *sigh* Again, here is how you fix it, and this one is simple, go back to what you had in NHL 15 (PS3/XB1)
Simple as that. This format was far superior to what we have now. It gives you a far more diverse ability to fully customize your players abilities. There's so many diverse players in the NHL, this format truly lets us customize our players in the same way. I don't know why we got away from this, but we seriously need to go back to this format. I can't stress this enough, it was HUGELY improve EASHL for everyone.


Same as last year *sigh*

Definitely bring back the 12 man lobby, similar to what we had in NHL 15 previous gen.
In fact, instead of only having max 12 ppl in the middle (where 1 person can sit out to troll), have a max of 15-20 or even unlimited.
If someone wants to wait in the middle and troll, the slots will fill and the game will launch.
I don't know why games like to use this complex matchmaker system that rarely accomplishes its goal (balanced teams/games).
The great thing about the 12 man room is you can re-launch another game right after, no waiting, same 12 players.
A lot of the time everyone would sit in the middle, 2 guys would become captains (usually the goalies) and they would draft teams. Fun times.
I'm not saying you should get rid of the quick play matchmaker, but definitely bring back 12 man lobbies as an option!
I also don't like not being able to change my position once I'm in the lobby.
Sometimes if I queue up as goalie, there's no goalie on the other side but we have a Dman slot open, I'll jump up and play D just to get the game going.
The player base is so split up now with all the new modes, this system would make finding full games way easier.

  • Custom camera view. Used to have it, please bring it back. custom-camera.jpg
  • one handed manual dekes. Used to be able to do this in NHL 15, please bring back. In fact, stick handling should have more movement, it's too tight in this game. one-hand-deke.jpg
  • penalty box view change. Sometimes exiting the box you don't know where you are as the screen expands back out to your normal camera view. You should be able to keep your current camera view the whole time while in the box.
  • practice mode with friends (goalie/player). Right now there is no option to practice as a manual goalie and have my friend shoot on me 1 on 1. I should be able to load up free skate in practice mode with a friend with one of us shooting on the other.
  • turn off taunt sounds. Stupid idea, I guess some kids might like it. I think it's not a very clever idea and find them annoying and should have an option to turn them off.
  • add spectator mode for friends. Be able to spectate a game if they're mid game. I should be able to view my friends list, see a friend who is currently in a game, and select an option to either view his game, or join his game/team if there's room.
  • I'd like to see a rematch option, if you have a close fun game it'd be nice to vote to rematch after. If we had custom lobbies like last gen this would be easy to do.
  • Let goalies play without masks like the old days, it's just a video game no one will get hurt.
  • Cant test out custom world of chel players in practice mode before using them in a real game, we used to be able to. test-on-ice.jpg
  • shots on goal from outside the blueline are unrealistically inaccurate. Accuracy should get progressively worse the farther away you shoot, not just outside the blueline.
  • be able to join games in progress (as an option). Players crash and quit all the time, would be a nice option to have games fill up while playing. Also be able to invite friends to current games if there is computer players.
  • I think injuries should last longer. Sometimes they should last the whole game, depending on the hit or shot block. They used to last the whole game every time, but that caused people to quit. Minimum should be a full period (20 min), maximum entire game.
  • Bring back skate blade curve options and stick flex/curve options from NHL15 that affects your skating/shooting. The more customizable your player is the better. Makes for a more unique experience. stick-amp-skate-custom.jpg
  • In the dressing room it would be nice to see a picture of everyone's player model as well as their on-ice name. I made a quick photoshop picture for an example Untitled-1.jpg
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  • Follisimo
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    It's worthless to judge this beta since it's 2 months old and they listed all the changes that have happened since then.
  • de4c0n_fr05t
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    Follisimo wrote: »
    It's worthless to judge this beta since it's 2 months old and they listed all the changes that have happened since then.

    It's never worthless. Where are all the changes, can you link them?

    Edit: Nvmd I found it. Nothing I suggested has been changed, except maybe the passing.
  • j0rtsu67
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    Follisimo wrote: »
    It's worthless to judge this beta since it's 2 months old and they listed all the changes that have happened since then.
    For this exact reason it's worthless to play this beta.

    They should let us test the recent build, not 8 weeks old.

    Just plain stupid.
  • j0rtsu67 wrote: »
    Follisimo wrote: »
    It's worthless to judge this beta since it's 2 months old and they listed all the changes that have happened since then.
    For this exact reason it's worthless to play this beta.

    They should let us test the recent build, not 8 weeks old.

    Just plain stupid.

    Yeah I have no idea why they did it this way, so weird.

    Here try a piece of pizza... before i put it into the oven.
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