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Defense slow to respond/turn around??



  • Socair
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    I’ve removed a bunch of posts that were personal call outs. Please keep it on topic and not about each other.
  • MooseHunter10
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    EpiCxOwNeD wrote: »
    The class speed and agility are bad.

    Not if it's utilized properly.

    Tell me how to utilize the extra 12 Durability and 8 Fighting a TWD gets to be an equal overall rating as a TWF.

    You could do all the stuff you're saying, or you could just play D as a Sniper/Dangler, because they're the best skaters, and as a bonus have an abundance of skill.

    The D classes all look like they were made as an afterthought. Sniper gets up to 90 Wrister and 91 skating? It could be 65s everything else and thats still a great player. That same sort of personal interest needs to go into the D classes.
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  • EpiCxOwNeD wrote: »
    The class speed and agility are bad.

    Not if it's utilized properly.

    In order to maximize speed and agility for any build, you need to be aware of how your player moves around the ice.

    For example;

    Say you are an Offensive Defenceman. What kind of 'routes' are you skating? Are you properly anticipating the path of the play/puck and maneuvering your player in a way that minimizes any animations that are attempting to shift your entire body weight? ie: stopping and/or changing direction on a dime?

    I see TONS of players who give ZERO thought to how they move their player around the ice. They take a direct line to the puck/puck carrier every time. Different builds will have different direct-line speed but those speeds are affected by the path you're taking.

    If you are going direct-line to a puck carrier but you just pulled a maneuver that involved a complete redirection of your player's body momentum; the speed in which you get there will not be as fast as a player who properly anticipated the play and took a route that involved as little shifts in momentum as possible.

    There are a lot of times I will see my own teammates or players in drop-ins continuously stopping on a dime, redirecting their entire body weight in the opposite direction because they have a 'staight line' approach to playing the game and they will let out a big SIGH in the micrphone, followed by 'this game sucks' followed by 'my player is SO SLOW'.

    No thought given to the route. No thought given to momentum and minimal fidelity on LS - just 100% go go go all the time.

    There's a lot of people playing like that and then turning around complaining about speed and agility.

    I like this post and agree with it. The problem I that I am left with when I employ this is my server connection. When I play west coast (20ms) everything stated here is spot on and I can play excellent, competitive D to my standards. On an east connection (80ms which is a good ping for most other types of gaming) I find funny things happen like stopping on a dime, funny turns happen, etc that are unintentional, now I'm racing to recover my position because my inputs are a fraction of a second out. It's a frustrating pill to swallow when you're trying to compete with the top clubs in EASHL as a Dman. Cheers. Maybe I have to move to central.
  • CMBDeadly wrote: »
    NHLDev wrote: »
    Not sure why the LT changes needed to effect the defensive side of the puck.

    You can thank the LT’ers for this little hiccup.

    Only because it was for the Beta. In the final product it is separated and only impacts the puck carrier.

    Hopefully the agility with the puck and speed with the puck will be tuned down to something more realistic for the final product.

    Another major issue needing addressed is how players with their backs and heads turned away from the puck intercept pucks. As with all the backwards skating with the puck and spin o rama exploiting.

    I disagree speed and agility with the puck is perfect at the moment, just tune the defense to be a little more fluid.

    Oh please. You must be a forward because no defenseman would utter such silliness. EA will never give defense builds any special attention or tune them to be par with forward builds because it would require forwards to actually put forth some effort and not rely on their op stats to play the game for them. Plus it defies physics and common sense to have more speed and agility while maintaing possession of something.

    An example would be at the allstar game skills competition. Place the contestants doing the same skating drill outside the perimeter of the rink but now include having them to travel with the puck. Not a single one of them would duplicate their times when running the course without the puck.

    You'd be incorrect but nice try with the assumption. Full time LG RD, won the cup in the AHL season 10 going 20-6-1 with 25 points and a +50 5-1 in the playoffs, had a rougher year this one going 9-11-2 but as a result of goal scoring not defensive play. I'm 63-32-4 in 4 seasons of Defense on the AHL level. The ability of a dman to completely control a game is borderline ridiculous. This year will be a nice change of pace and I'm all for that. You should need 6 players not 1.

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