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Just another L1 + bait CPU simulator.

You guys said that you would nerf puck focus when skating. Yet, you can easily spin around on a breakout and enter the offensive zone just as easily as you would by actually deking.

You don't actually have to pay much attention to the human player. As you can just skate or pass. Forcing your team to either get out of position or suddenly stop moving.

The AI does not actually hit the puck carrier hardly at all. Unless you have just switched your player.

When backskating on defense. If you switch your players, they just slow down and stop. There is no fluid transition, making it easy for the attack to just skate passed you.

When you are using L1 and have you back to your opponent while protecting the puck. They can't bump you off the puck effectively, because simple physics takes place and the puck ends up infront of them anyways.

When you hold LB and aim with the right stick to get around. All the attacker needs to do is move in the opposite direction and draw a penalty.

You have no choice but to anticipate their movements, when they go to shoot or pass, then either block or intercept it.

The main problem is the baiting exploit technique players use to get you to try and chase them. Then all they have to do is get passed you to get an easy goal because your CPU players are not playing aggressive enough. That or your CPUs are not even defending properly at all.

So this literally comes down to waiting for the other player to actually do something. The majority of them get a few goals and just rag the puck back and forth while your CPUs are STANDING STILL... When you have it set to full forecheck and the most aggressive ways to try and get the puck.

If any player in real hockey did this. It would be a delay of game penalty. Period. The fact that there is no delay of game penalty for that type of griefing behaviour is what is ultimately killing the game for many players.

For this I am not buying NHL 20 unless there is some actual change in regards to this nonsense.


  • I would say that this might be something that may have been added after the beta was made. But I think the bigger issue is the CPU doesn't play nearly aggressive enough to be helpful. And that's been an issue for the series for a long time now. I'm seldom critical of the series but CPU aggressiveness with the default sliders is not nearly good enough.
  • The defensive AI has been an issue for the past 5 years now. All your opponent has to do is slow down or not move at all and the AI just sits there and does nothing. They don't pinch on a play before you switch to them, making it too easy for your opponent to just skate around them.

    The L1 offside exploit while entering the offensive zone is still not fixed. I shouldn't have to send or post on reddit multiple videos showing them clear evidence of it happening.

    Then after you do get in the zone. All you have to do is wait for the AI to follow you into the corner. Make a pass to the point and repeat, until the human player makes a mistake on either getting out of position, or switching team mates and also getting out of position. It's either an easy one timer goal or drawing a penalty at that point.

    That's all you need to do to win.

    I don't do this because it's boring and repetitive.

    However, once you're playing in the top 50. That's all you come up against and these guys will rag the puck in the offensive zone for nearly half a period to wait for you to make a mistake.

    It's just not fun anymore and quite frankly not competitive either.
  • In short. The beta added some new animations, horrid rebound control, clunky / slow puck handling, little to no improvement on puck recovery, hardly noticeable puck momentum, and no change to L1 exploits.

    That and way worse defensive gameplay.
    Poor connection... Probably P2P and not Dedi servers.

    Buying this game will be a hard pass for me. I'll wait until it's on sale and it's been patched a few times. After years of going through the same thing over and over again. My confidence in this game franchise is pretty well non-existent.
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