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Serious feedback: open dialogue as this community wants this series to get back to its roots.



  • This series is and has been almost entirely scripted or has had the game programming completely meddled in the outcome of each game in online versus and online competitive modes. I just played 2 games in a row in nhl 19 where i had the lead and lost the games because of completely scripted events all throughout the games. There were no skill goals. I am completely and utterly speechless...beside myself. I absolutely dominated with pure triple A chances and the other guys who had no fundamental grasp of how to play defense scored the weakest goals ever. This happens so much. The game even magnetically pushed my skater away from the puck in over time letting the opponent (who was further from me) get the puck then when i tried to go to the slot to defend the game pushed my guy into the corner. There were other similar triggers that alerted me that this game was going to be a loss that i have come to notice from playing the past few years. I just can’t do this anymore it’s not fun to know that you are going to lose just because the game wants you to. I’m done with this series I’m not buying another game until they find a new developer and or change publishers or start from scratch. This is just too much mental anguish to be subjected to a competitive online mode that is predetermined and dominating players who have no idea how to play hockey and just watching them get handed wins. This series is a joke i have zero faith in nhl 20.
  • Treatmentworke66
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    Totally agree,and it's so obvious 99 players can't pick up the puck have no speed ,the AI is totally out of position , goalies let in unscreened flick shots from the blue line ,like you said no hope for 20
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